Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Apple pie

Baked apple pie yesterday. 
Sunday while preparing the crust for the strawberry tart, I made two more. And so, decided to use it for making apple pie. Turned out pretty good c: Here's how it looks like:

Looks great huh? It tastes good too! (Yes, my friends asked me to stop torturing them)

Hey it was torture for me too, baked it on Monday and only got to eat it on Tuesday morning! I know it doesn't look like it but I'm trying to lose weight and get a flat belly. 

Told myself that I should stop baking for awhile too. But 'one does not simply stop baking.' It's an addiction, or a drug maybe. Especially that I've been on low spirits lately baking helps me keep busy or 'feel good' and 'satisfied'. What do you do when you are not feeling good? 

Else, if you want I could write a post on the details on the different steps of making the crust and pie. I'm open to any request.

Have a nice afternoon,

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